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"Campo del Leo" is the new wine cellar was born in 2011, is a result of the 2009 harvest and was dedicated to the little boy home Frezza, Leonardo! Produced exclusively with grapes from the vineyard Corvina lying on Colle San Lorenzo in the municipality of Castelnuovo del Garda.
The microclimate, the excellent exposure to the sun, the constant breeze and the calcareous soil only make this wine a great success.
The ripening very late and the delicate structure of the grapes are able to create a rare and valuable combination of sensations that reach the maximum expression only in certain vintages, the 2009 vintage was one of those.
It is a wine with strong character and determination, full-bodied, intense ruby ??color, but what is most striking is the fruit and gentle hint of cherry on the palate, is characterized by a warm, spicy aroma and a full flavor, persistent and full-bodied. It is a wine that lends itself particularly to the aging and over the years with just manages to bring out the full capabilities of the grape and its complete structure that characterizes it. It then goes to red meat, game and cheeses.
The ideal serving temperature is recommended between 18 ° - 20 °.

VINEYARD: Leo Del Campo is a vineyard located in the town of Castelnuovo del Garda at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level, characterized by a great sun exposure throughout the day and a constant breeze.
Cadastral area: 3 ha
VINES: Corvina 100% pure
FORMS: Guyot simple
 VINEYARDS: 20 years
HARVEST: Manual only

VINIFICATION: vinification with maceration for 8-10 days in stainless steel vats.
FERMENTATION TEMPERATURE: is controlled at a temperature of 24 ° -26 °.
CELLAR AGEING: 100% in barrels previously used for 12 months

PACKAGE: Bordeaux bottles 0.75 L.
CORK: Cork block.
PACKAGING: 6 bottles vertical

This product is sold in cartons of 6 bottles. The minimum order is one carton.
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